Wondering who am I? You're in the right spot.

So, you got into the third "S". Cool! You might be asking yourself; who am I? Who's Samonster? Well, I'm a low-key creative warrior. I'm a person who enjoys what I'm doing, a design geek and a person who loves prototyping ideas to make them feasible. I'm an industrial designer with an immense interest in design itself. I'm a firm believer that everyone deserves good experiences. Whether it's in products, websites, games, electronics, etc., a design should be well informed and researched enough to be able to provide this. I also believe that both; digital and physical designs should be sustainable. A design should be well thought, through all its cycle, even after it ends.

I'm an advocate for activism. I believe that good design should be accessible for everyone and should meet people's needs. I'm a polyglot, I'm an autodidact, I'm an explorer. I strive for understanding people and making a small difference through my creations. I'm someone who designs for real people, not stakeholders.

What have I done so far?

let's recap a little bit.

Here's the scope


Got a Bachelor’s Degree of Industrial Design from Monterrey Institute of Technology and Higher Education.


Participated in a design project from Chiba’s University in Japan as the main 3d designer.

Worked as a brand, visual and experience designer at TECstore.



Became the design lead at software-based company Prysmex.

Designed a 3d (design) software that met with Prysmex company needs.

Took a coding bootcamp at SheCodes

Started a small business for plant lovers named Mi Plantita


Freelanced as an interior designer for an architect's firm.

Freelanced for a kid's playground manufacturer company

Took a second code bootcamp at Michigan Univeristy


Started working as a creative at BRINK, a creative agency for activist brands.


and the journey continues...


What's next?

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