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Drawing what's on my mind.
This is a fun little personal project to express myself towards the world. I draw what's been lately in my mind. I use this as a way to continue improving my artistic and technical skills.
¨Feel¨ Illustration
by Samonster
"Let yourself feel. You need to feel all the emotions. Even those unpleasant feelings. Even those feelings you wish you didn't have. Let them run through your body. Feel the energy leaving your body. Feel it vibrate, feel it roar. It's mesmerizing, electric, strong. Claim your power and let yourself feel."
¨Listen¨ Illustration
by Samonster
"Listen. You're not alone. You're not the only one feeling like you do. Listen to your friends or neighbors that have gone through what you're going through. Listen to them, listen to their stories. Empathize. Learn from them. Know that you're alone. Open a conversation, where we can all learn from our experiences. Grow from them. People have different point of views and think differently. But we can all agree on at least one thing. Listen and find common ground. Even if we're different, in essence we're all the same. Listen."
¨Shine¨ Illustration
by Samonster
"Shine. Shine through the obstacles. Shine through yourself. Show that glow. Show that beam of light; your life, your energy. Give it all. Make them see. And believe me, they'll see the glow. They'll see it in you. And eventually, they'll see it in themselves. Shine."

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